Should I purchase gas or electric?

This is a common question, especially to first time owners. With the advances with electric technology, the electric cars' performance is compatible with gas on most applications.

Is a gas or electric car more expensive to use?

The electric car is less expensive with respect to cost of parts as well as operating expenses over a period of time.

How is Speedway Sales different from other golf car companies?

Speedway is "The Way" to build your own golf car with the "extras" that you need/want on your golf car. As a customer, you will receive the 30 year legacy of dependable sales and service.

What colors are available?

Champagne (white) and hunter green are the primary colors available. They can be obtained in both gas and electric models. Other colors are available with an additional charge.

How long do batteries last in an electric golf car?

The average length of batteries is 3-5 years. Yet, this time can be extended if proper nominal maintenance is applied to the batteries.

Why is E-Z-GO a brand that I should consider?

E-Z-GO is the number 1 golf car in terms of the number of courses that use E-Z-GO for their fleets. Other models are available in the commercial, individual and industrial markets.

Why Speedway Sales?

Speedway Sales has been a market leader in commercial and individual sales headquartered in Trumann, Ark. Speedway Sales has serviced for 30 years the east Arkansas, West Tennessee, and North Mississippi market with reliable and dependable sales and service.